Created on March 09, 2007, ISOLATION SERVICES sprl is a company working mainly in the field of industrial insulation, industrial building and HVAC.
It is through the twenty years of experience of GENTILE Sergio and NANIOT Luc, the founding owners, that the desire to offer a service for the insulation of pipes, air ducts, devices, etc. has appeared.
Since its foundation, the goal has been always been quality and service. ISOLATION SERVICES consists of a staff of 10 units forming a real team.

All the members have been present in the company since at least 2010, which testifies to a certain constancy which makes it possible to ensure the quality and service of the work.

Système calorifuge central de l'entreprise
Isolation de tuyaux à l’aide de coquilles

Our customers are also very loyal to us and are located in the Liège steel basin, but also in Namur, Charleroi, Louvain-la-neuve, Brussels and very often Flanders as well.

Our manufacturing workshop allows us to make "tailor-made" items for all parts in aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized sheet ranging from a thickness of 0.4mm to 1.2mm. Our site teams want to be qualified for all work such as:

  •  Insulation of pipes or devices of steam, hot water using shells, rock wool or similar
  •  Insulation of pipes or chilled water devices using Armaflex shells (or similar) or polyurethane shells
  •  Air duct insulation using AluKraft glass wool mattresses or similar
  •  Placement of air ducts (small installations)
  •  Finishes with prefabricated sheets in our workshop
  •  PVC finishes for HVAC work